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Trader of the future generation so called friends.

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

Some of you traded me in for your homies, now see how many of those asshole going to be there for you when you really need help, and your chips are down. They beat your buts to join them, how strange that is. I couldn't beat your butt at all, because if I did you went back to school snitching on me, You owe all your loyalty to your homies none too me. I stayed up all night feeding you Enfamil formula, having sleepless night it doesn't matter nowadays, but. that's cool at least I got to know that about my peoples before I exit this earth. I never join a gangs in my entire life because I am the man, the God of my life. I walked through just to name a few, Chicago, Los Angeles, Memphis, Tennessee, and the list goes on; I'm not afraid of no one but Heavenly Father all the rest can give me a hug. I don't need anyone except Jesus my lord and savior. run and put that on your crack pipe you crackheads. Smile you on cameo in my movie.

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