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Advice to someone, not an alcoholic.

Advising someone that they should stop drinking alcohol is easy, but to an alcoholic, it's not easy to do. A person can feel deep down inside that they should quit drinking, but that alcohol keeps saying to them pick me up before you go. Drinking begins with a sip, a glass, and so forth. There you go being a drunken soldier. A person will sometimes say that they can handle the alcohol and frequently say that consuming a little alcohol won't hurt them, "it's just a shot," then end up drunk and in jail for drunk driving or even being involved in an accident. It's easy telling someone to quit drinking alcohol. But it's not as simple as the other person thinks it is. Look at our products and see if an item will fit your taste bud. I can speak on this subject because I've been in the other guy's shoes. Check me out here. I've arrived here as sober as any sober man. Come and shop with us.

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