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Don't take that dam vaccine by any means.

While sitting here thinking, I said to myself I am sitting here observing my people destroying themselves by the lack of knowledge. They're not being who they're meant to be. They bleaching their skin changing the texture of their hair. Having surgery on their nose the list can go on, and on. However, we can change it all by not doing the things that the media is telling us to do through their lies. #1 look into the mirror and start loving the one who you see staring at you. #2 Stop being a copycat, doing what others are doing. #3 Don't take that dam vaccine by any means leave it for those who have superiority over you. Please be advised that you have been warned. www.urtrillionaire visit our online store and shop for the new excitement. Please don't forget to put Jesus Christ first he has control, not the pandemic.

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