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Getting a small business loan is out of reach for a so-called "Blackman" in the United State 2022.

Applying for a small business loan is out of the question for a so-called "Blackman" especially when he has a start-up business in 2022. When applying for a business loan, they require you to have an income of more than $50,000 to qualify for a business loan, including the previous years that you have been in business. I've been trying to get funded for my business, and each time I fill out an application, they turn me down even though I have been in business during the widespread pandemic, I also have an LLC I need funds to hire several employees to keep my business afloat. However, each time I apply for a business loan it somehow leads back to a personal loan that has high-interest rates. I applied for a business loan on several occasions and was turned down due to technicalities. I need a business loan, but I refuse to beg for it. So I'll continue to work with what I have to get what I need, and in the meantime, keep your prayer hats on; we shall win this war.

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