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Learning of yourself and who you are

I am not in denial of Africa, and those who wish to be or from Africa but, I won't sit here and deny who I am for the sake of Africa either, I must learn and know of my own family heritage are die being ignorant of myself, somewhere I've read that "a people shall perish for the lack of knowledge" the knowledge is knowledge of one's self-life is too short to be caught up in the quicksand of knowledge of self, each day a man lives he should dedicate time in learning of himself and where he originated from whether from Africa, Europe, Russia, China, or America man must learn of his own origin not depend on other men to show tells him where he originates, knowledge of myself has helped me to discover who I am and the talent that rest inside of me crying out for revelation so this is one of the items from my store Br'own thang/urtrillionaire shop with us there is

much more to come stay tuned in for the next entry Item you're going to enjoy them all with excitement keep praying and helping me remain and strengthen my prayer, America is where I reside and is my country let's go to work and make our country healthy again

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