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The things that women do to each other um.

I've sat and observed this past year in the case of a ticket that was issued to my daughter Princess Brown that I had a problem with from the start. however, I won't go into that part of the story as of yet, I've noticed that each time we go to court these same women pretending to argue in favor of my daughter, and which they're trying to destroy her in the same motion even before she becomes a woman, They all telling her that they're working in her best interest which I find contrary to the way that they are treating her, remember she is a juvenile who had a fight at the age of sixteen on the street near the school, not on school property but she got issued a ticket for the fight. During one court proceeding, I heard the Judge ordered her to not own a firearm unless she'll working as a security guard eg. On many occasions, I've overheard her probation officer who is a woman threatening her that if she didn't comply with her demands that she would have her removed from our home. These people are working in her best interest, she has been on probation for that same fight and attending court since the fight which occurred when she was sixteen years old this is the type of behavior that makes me put my working boots on.

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